Linkdump for the Garden

In the spirit of making the site more a digital garden than a blog, I collected a handful of the ridiculous number of videos I rammed into my brain the past week and seemed worthy of keeping around. Loosely grouped, they’re in these topics:


Quinn’s Quest – The Wildsea

Quintin Smith of the tabletop game review channel Shut Up & Sit Down started a new TTRPG-specific channel. This game looks beautifully designed and I can’t wait to get a copy of the book.

Stop Performing & Start Role Playing

Black Lodge Games – A reminder: Don’t be intimidated by pros acting up a storm in RPG session videos. What matters is having fun pretending to be someone else, like kids aren’t self conscious playing make-believe.


Neil Young Shows How to Play “Cinnamon Girl”

Sometimes simple alterations change the game, musically. Also, Neil is happy to show a fan the trick. Also also, that guitar is, as Neil says, “wow.”

How Does This Famous Song Played Backwards Sound Like?

Maybe this is the sonic equivalent of a mirror word puzzle? Someone should do fifty of these.

“The 4th Wave of Ska” | Vampire Campfire Episode 01

Vampire Weekend started a podcast. Hey, everyone else has, eh? The NYC music nerds yak about influences and the new album. I was hooked from the first strains of “A-Punk” a friend threw my way after their debut came out. Even though Rostam Batmanglij is sorely missed, I still love them. I can’t believe they passed up a chance to call it “Campfire Weekend,” but as the saying goes, ohs wells.






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