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  • Cory Doctorow at Powell’s

    Cory Doctorow at Powell’s

    I had to race downtown after an exhausting day the minute I got off work to make it to Powell’s Books, and I was late for the start. Cory Doctorow is in the middle of a book tour for his novel The Bezzle, and he had already started a short lecture when I arrived in…

  • Pause, Unpause

    It’s taken longer than I intended to get back to posting, but since the pandemic began, and still, time is more fluid for me than it used to be. As always, there are half-finished projects piling up in the wings, not yet ready for the stage. For now, I’ve added a music section and started…

  • Geese!

    I’ve been obsessed with the new Geese album, 3D Country, this past week. It’s like this crazy stew of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kings of Leon, the Doors, and X. But then again, not quite. They are their own thing, which we all should aspire to be. The friend who linked me to their record offered Steely…

  • Hello world! Again!

    This is the shiny new warehouse for Marcus Harwell’s work online. Apologies if this is disappointing. I’m working on getting things up and running, BRB