Best Music of 2019


In days of old, I ran the best-of as a subtractive list, taking tracks away from the full album as I went through it. It’s less picky than subsequent years, but still tosses anything I didn’t consider, ooh, let’s say, excellent.

  • Album of the year: Devin Townsend – Empath
  • Most tracks in the list: Vampire Weekend – Father of the Bride
  • Honorable Mention to check out: Snail’s House – Scenery

227 songs, 15 hrs. 42 mins. Total Time

1Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldWeezerWeezer (Teal Album)4:05
2Take on MeWeezerWeezer (Teal Album)3:44
3Mr. Blue SkyWeezerWeezer (Teal Album)4:46
4No ScrubsWeezerWeezer (Teal Album)3:10
5Cosmo FunkSnail’s Houseエイリアン☆ポップ II – EP4:48
6New IndiaKinskiBe Gentle With the Warm Turtle7:00
7NewportKinskiBe Gentle With the Warm Turtle5:02
8MontgomeryKinskiBe Gentle With the Warm Turtle7:19
9One Ear in the SunKinskiBe Gentle With the Warm Turtle6:27
10Wake UpSaid the WhaleCascadia3:35
11UnAmericanSaid the WhaleCascadia3:01
12Love Don’t AskSaid the WhaleCascadia3:14
13CascadiaSaid the WhaleCascadia3:40
14ShameSaid the WhaleCascadia3:24
15Old Soul, Young HeartSaid the WhaleCascadia2:34
16Record ShopSaid the WhaleCascadia3:16
17MoonlightSaid the WhaleCascadia3:05
18Gambier Island GreenSaid the WhaleCascadia3:30
19MalfunctionCavern of Anti-MatterHormone Lemonade16:34
20Outerzone JazsCavern of Anti-MatterHormone Lemonade4:28
21ToroLiilyI Can Fool Anybody in This Town – EP3:39
22The WeatherLiilyI Can Fool Anybody in This Town – EP3:30
23I Can Fool Anybody in This TownLiilyI Can Fool Anybody in This Town – EP3:29
24NineLiilyI Can Fool Anybody in This Town – EP3:45
25Headspinnin’MamahawkBrain Invaderz!5:02
26LionessMamahawkBrain Invaderz!4:36
27MoonrideMamahawkBrain Invaderz!5:09
28Baby BluesMoving PanoramasIn Two4:47
29Dance FloorMoving PanoramasIn Two3:59
30Home AloneMoving PanoramasIn Two4:18
31Forever GoneMoving PanoramasIn Two5:15
32ADD HeartMoving PanoramasIn Two4:22
33Beautiful SadMoving PanoramasIn Two4:13
34寒い朝Snail’s HouseScenery1:02
35いつもの道Snail’s HouseScenery4:05
36MarketSnail’s HouseScenery2:21
37Stray CatSnail’s HouseScenery2:39
38Walk (Interlude)Snail’s HouseScenery2:48
39FloretSnail’s HouseScenery3:03
40DétourSnail’s HouseScenery6:47
4117Traffik IslandNature Strip5:04
42Mary WinterSwervedriverFuture Ruins6:12
43Future RuinsSwervedriverFuture Ruins4:45
44TheeascendingSwervedriverFuture Ruins4:19
45Drone LoverSwervedriverFuture Ruins3:25
46Spiked FlowerSwervedriverFuture Ruins2:52
47Something SweetTraffik IslandNature Strip2:50
49Lazy CatTraffik IslandNature Strip3:42
48DolphinPanda BearBuoys3:48
50CrankedPanda BearBuoys3:20
51TokenPanda BearBuoys3:37
52I Know I Don’t KnowPanda BearBuoys2:51
53MasterPanda BearBuoys4:04
54BuoysPanda BearBuoys2:34
55CrescendoPanda BearBuoys3:10
56Home FreePanda BearBuoys3:07
57NovemberGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers3:52
58BaltimoreGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers3:34
59Model TrainsGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers3:39
60BaedekerGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers3:26
618980Gabriel KahaneBook of Travelers3:13
62Little LoveGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers3:12
63Port of HamburgGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers4:19
64Singing with a StrangerGabriel KahaneBook of Travelers2:18
65SpitIAN SWEETCrush Crusher3:14
66Question ItIAN SWEETCrush Crusher4:01
67Borrowed BodyIAN SWEETCrush Crusher3:21
68Belziger FaceplantStephen MalkmusGroove Denied4:25
69Forget Your PlaceStephen MalkmusGroove Denied3:34
70Love the DoorStephen MalkmusGroove Denied3:09
71Boss ViscerateStephen MalkmusGroove Denied2:41
72Grown NothingStephen MalkmusGroove Denied4:21
73GenesisDevin TownsendEmpath6:06
74EvermoreDevin TownsendEmpath5:30
75SpriteDevin TownsendEmpath6:37
76Hear MeDevin TownsendEmpath6:30
77Why?Devin TownsendEmpath4:59
78BorderlandsDevin TownsendEmpath11:03
79RequiemDevin TownsendEmpath2:47
80SingularityDevin TownsendEmpath23:33
81bad guyBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?3:14
82you should see me in a crownBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?3:01
83all the good girls go to hellBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?2:49
84wish you were gayBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?3:42
85my strange addictionBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?3:00
86bury a friendBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?3:13
87goodbyeBillie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?1:59
88BangoThe Chemical BrothersNo Geography4:08
89Gravity DropsThe Chemical BrothersNo Geography4:31
90We’ve Got to TryThe Chemical BrothersNo Geography3:36
91MAHThe Chemical BrothersNo Geography5:36
92Sister Golden HairJonathan CoultonSome Guys3:21
93On and OnJonathan CoultonSome Guys3:04
94The Things We Do for LoveJonathan CoultonSome Guys3:33
95If You Could Read My MindJonathan CoultonSome Guys3:52
96Crazy LoveJonathan CoultonSome Guys3:00
97Under the KnifeDaniel O’SullivanFolly2:51
98Time Elapsing BlueDaniel O’SullivanFolly3:45
99RattlemanDaniel O’SullivanFolly5:09
100Run DownTom WilliamsWhat Did You Want to Be?3:11
101Rock & RollTom WilliamsWhat Did You Want to Be?3:24
102GraveyardTom WilliamsWhat Did You Want to Be?3:19
103Stay AfloatTom WilliamsWhat Did You Want to Be?3:28
104It’s Dark NowTom WilliamsWhat Did You Want to Be?2:56
105Crying at the TVTom WilliamsWhat Did You Want to Be?3:07
106Can’t Find My HeartBroken Social SceneLet’s Try the After, Vol. 2 – EP5:09
107Heavy MetaMountiesHeavy Meta6:52
108Hitchin’ ManMountiesHeavy Meta3:46
109Canoe SongMountiesHeavy Meta4:07
110Beauty Won’t Fail YouMountiesHeavy Meta3:43
111LongplayMountiesHeavy Meta3:02
112Burning MoneyMountiesHeavy Meta3:25
113Chaos from WithinBad ReligionAge of Unreason1:50
114The ApproachBad ReligionAge of Unreason2:26
115Faces of GriefBad ReligionAge of Unreason1:05
116Blown to BitsCharly BlissYoung Enough3:38
117Hold You Now (feat. Danielle Haim)Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride2:34
118Harmony HallVampire WeekendFather of the Bride5:08
119BambinaVampire WeekendFather of the Bride1:43
120This LifeVampire WeekendFather of the Bride4:29
121How Long?Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride3:32
122Rich ManVampire WeekendFather of the Bride2:30
123Married in a Gold Rush (feat. Danielle Haim)Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride3:42
124My MistakeVampire WeekendFather of the Bride3:19
125SympathyVampire WeekendFather of the Bride3:47
126Sunflower (feat. Steve Lacy)Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride2:18
127Flower Moon (feat. Steve Lacy)Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride3:57
128We Belong Together (feat. Danielle Haim)Vampire WeekendFather of the Bride3:11
129StrangerVampire WeekendFather of the Bride4:09
130Jerusalem, New York, BerlinVampire WeekendFather of the Bride2:55
133Fyrsti StormurYagyaStormur6:33
134Annar StormurYagyaStormur5:33
135Fimmti StormurYagyaStormur5:43
136Sjötti StormurYagyaStormur5:19
137Áttundi StormurYagyaStormur6:03
138The Unseen EarthNorthauntIstid I-II8:00
139Extinction EventNorthauntIstid I-II8:30
140Real LifeInterpolA Fine Mess – EP4:27
141ThronesInterpolA Fine Mess – EP3:13
142Done BleedingThe Mountain GoatsIn League with Dragons4:38
143YoungerThe Mountain GoatsIn League with Dragons5:52
144Doc GoodenThe Mountain GoatsIn League with Dragons4:19
145Going Invisible 2The Mountain GoatsIn League with Dragons3:05
146Waylon Jennings Live!The Mountain GoatsIn League with Dragons3:15
147Cadaver Sniffing DogThe Mountain GoatsIn League with Dragons3:55
148Cool PeopleChloe x HalleThe Kids Are Alright3:38
149Last CenturySUSTOEver Since I Lost My Mind2:56
150Ever Since I Lost My MindSUSTOEver Since I Lost My Mind3:14
151FrontierBethany CurveMurderers! EP4:40
152phantomSebadohAct Surprised2:24
153vacationSebadohAct Surprised2:07
154stunnedSebadohAct Surprised2:26
155raging riverSebadohAct Surprised3:12
156sunshineSebadohAct Surprised3:30
157act surprisedSebadohAct Surprised3:11
158Canaan (Live Training)Holly HerndonPROTO1:37
159EternalHolly HerndonPROTO4:45
160FrontierHolly HerndonPROTO4:29
161Godmother (feat. Spawn)Holly Herndon & JlinPROTO2:30
163Move Many (Joints)Esperanza Spalding12 Little Spells (Deluxe Edition)2:55
164It Doesn’t Matter WhySilversun PickupsWidow’s Weeds4:08
165Morning is My GodmotherBill CallahanShepherd in a Sheepskin Vest2:11
166OverexcitedGusterLook Alive3:13
167Sunday DriverThe RaconteursHelp Us Stranger3:39
168TwistThom YorkeANIMA7:03
169Wide RightBad Bad HatsWide Right – Single2:36
170Liz PhairBad Bad HatsWide Right – Single3:38
171Without a BlushHatchieKeepsake4:59
172Unwanted GuestHatchieKeepsake4:56
173Come for MeSunflower BeanKing Of The Dudes – EP3:29
174Fear CitySunflower BeanKing Of The Dudes – EP3:21
175Shine A Little LightThe Black KeysLet’s Rock3:17
176GoThe Black KeysLet’s Rock2:27
177Someone Just Like YouPretty ViciousBeauty of Youth3:31
178Dead Lotus, Pt. 3MerzbowDead Lotus – EP4:50
179Staying InJuliana HatfieldWeird3:52
180Broken DollJuliana HatfieldWeird3:21
181InvaderSnail’s HouseAlien Pop III – EP2:28
182All Right, YeahJuliana HatfieldWeird5:00
183Minotaur Forgiving KnossosMoonfaceThis One’s for the Dancer & This One’s for the Dancer’s Bouquet4:58
184Twin FlameMarquis HillModern Flows, Vol. 26:01
185Smoke BreakMarquis HillModern Flows, Vol. 21:55
186TokyoDonny McCaslinHead of Mine / Tokyo – Single7:57
187Planet BKing Gizzard & The Lizard WizardInfest the Rats’ Nest3:56
188PerihelionKing Gizzard & The Lizard WizardInfest the Rats’ Nest3:11
189Hollywood, Pt. 2PsykNeon Demon4:13
190Pin It DownMadison CunninghamWho Are You Now4:06
191Plain LettersMadison CunninghamWho Are You Now3:38
192Something To Believe InMadison CunninghamWho Are You Now3:57
193VoicesBig Wreck…but for the Sun4:57
194LocomotiveBig Wreck…but for the Sun5:01
195Fear InoculumTOOLFear Inoculum10:20
1967empestTOOLFear Inoculum15:44
197Can’t Find My WayTony MolinaSongs From San Mateo County0:48
198Been Here BeforeTony MolinaSongs From San Mateo County0:58
199Omega DaysMoon ToothCrux3:00
200Awe at All AnglesMoon ToothCrux4:02
201CinnamonSnail’s HouseLove Magic – EP4:18
202MintSnail’s HouseLove Magic – EP3:56
203SwimmerThe Utopia StrongThe Utopia Strong4:12
204I’ll Have What She’s HavingWOOZEI’ll Have What She’s Having – Single3:15
205Life’s a JokeThe FaintEgowerk4:52
206Skeleton KeyOmniNetworker3:42
207The Surprise KnockThe New PornographersIn the Morse Code of Brake Lights3:12
208Colossus of RhodesThe New PornographersIn the Morse Code of Brake Lights4:04
209Hole in My LifeJuliana HatfieldJuliana Hatfield Sings the Police4:25
210De Do Do Do, De Da Da DaJuliana HatfieldJuliana Hatfield Sings the Police4:16
211GhosteenNick Cave & The Bad SeedsGhosteen12:11
212Hey, I’m Just Like YouTegan and SaraHey, I’m Just Like You3:09
213I’ll Be Back SomedayTegan and SaraHey, I’m Just Like You3:13
214HeavenCharly BlissSupermoon – EP3:33
215Dead Fingers TalkingWorking for a Nuclear Free CityBusinessmen & Ghosts3:30
216DonkeyWorking for a Nuclear Free CityBusinessmen & Ghosts4:08
217Part of the Math (Digital Mix)Panda BearA Day with the Homies (Digital Mix) – EP5:44
218The Dark World of HumansHeifervescentFirebird4:15
219White NightmareHeifervescentFirebird3:32
220English WeatherFEETWhat’s Inside is More Than Just Ham3:26
221Depression! Despair!Jeffrey Lewis & the VoltageBad Wiring4:14
222In Certain OrdersJeffrey Lewis & the VoltageBad Wiring3:26
224Uneventful DaysBeckHyperspace3:17
225Everlasting NothingBeckHyperspace5:00
226Pay for the PianoThe Dismemberment PlanChange3:24
227Secret CurseThe Dismemberment PlanChange2:50